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environmental transition program










Our model allows you tocalculate the Carbon Footprintof thedistribution service food&beverage in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14067:2018 standard.

The industrycan know the climate impact of its products from the distributor to the final PoC and monitor the route-to-market 

THEdistributors can calculate the Carbon Footprint del  own service

The PoCs/Chainsthey can know the environmental impact of the daily procurement of their food & beverage products

The consumercan be aware of the impact of their own consumption

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02. KILLwith technologies

Foreffectively reduce CO2 emissionswe create, together with our technical partners,technology projects keys in handwith the EPC - Energy Performance Contract formula as:
>Photovoltaic panels<
>Charging columns<
>Energy with guaranteed origin< 

We support 100% of the investmentand we sharesavings with the customer.  We then calculate the environmental benefitproductand related business cost savingsand we monitor performance over time.

03. COMPENSATEwith projects around the world

Offsetting your own emissions means support reforestation projectsorenvironmental protectionwhich equally reduce the CO2 of those so-called "non-removable" emissions inevitably generated by your company. 

We only use projects with certified carbon creditsand accredited according to the strictest international standards (Gold Standard/VCS).

Vetrina Fourgreen Certified.jpg

04. COMMUNICATEcorrectly

If properly communicated externally,the actions undertaken make it possible to obtainremarkableimage benefitsand strengthening of corporate branding but you have to do it with the right attention.

We support our customerstocommunicate information correctlyspreadingAlone scientific and verifiable data.

The stores servedthey will be able to show a recognition logo that qualifies themas outlets of the Horeca-to-Zero network.

That is to say places they have chosena sustainable distributor thus contributing to the reduction of emissions related to the supplies of their point of sale.

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