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Horeca it is the world of the so-called"consumption away from home"(Away From Home, AFH) which includes a macro sector made up of various categories Hotellerie-Restaurant-Cafe.

A galaxy ofover 325,000 points of consumptionwith 1,200,000 employed.


The Horeca channel in Italy is extremely fragmented withmore than 3,800 food&beverage distribution companies
but thanks to the presence of the consortia  organizational coordination and joint action is possible.



We search and selectenergy-hungry customersof the Industry sector with ample room for improvementenergy/environmental. 


We support 100% of the investmentand we share the savings with the customer. We carry outcoordination and support activitiesfor the management of the entire implementation process of technological projects developed with a service"turnkey". 

We then calculate theenvironmental benefitproduct andrelated savingsof business costs ewe monitor performancein time.

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