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Technological and innovative solutions in a single partner.

We are a climate hub offering integrated services in an all-in-one formula  realeted to energy efficiency and to environmental sustainability to allow companies to reduce their emissions until they reach the Carbon Neutrality. 

Our history

"We were wondering if it was possible to create a sustainable Horeca supply chain"

Founded by young former managers of well-known consumer beverage companies,
Fourgreen is based in Monza (Milan) and is a start-up with high technological content. 
grown within Eni Joule, the Eni School for Business,
was selected from over 2,400 candidates and actively collaborates with the Eni network.

"How can you start a diet without a scale?"

Thanks to the establishment of a qualified work and research group,
Fourgreen made 
together with ERGO - Spin off of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, 
an innovative certified and specially designed LCA model
to calculate the carbon fooprint of the food&beverage distribution .

"We don't just indicate solutions to reduce emissions, we make them."

 We build technology projects thanks to our technical partners and we only off-set hard-to-abate emissions.
Installing a photovoltaic system, the use of IoT technology, the purchase of energy with guarantee of renewable origin, bio-fuel for trucks or electric trucks powered by solar energy via charging stations, they are all solutions that significantly avoid emissions
and innovate the company, but they are complex activities that

we simplify in a "holistic formula" .

Meet the Founders

Our project team

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Institutional partners

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